Project Submittal Requirements

San Gabriel will design and construct all frontage and off-site water facilities to new developments, including the approved fire service backflow prevention device. Please be advised that only San Gabriel and its prequalified contractors are authorized to perform work on San Gabriel’s existing public water system, including, but not limited to, connections to existing mains, installation of water main extensions, service laterals, public fire hydrants, and all other water pumping, storage, and distribution facilities.


The developer shall schedule an application submittal meeting with the Engineering Department to review all necessary items for the preparation of the water design plans.

Design Criteria

New Mains

San Gabriel will install a new main to extend water service to new developments under the following conditions:

  • If there is no existing main adjacent to the right-of-way fronting the project site, and the right-of-way is greater than 70 feet, San Gabriel may elect to install a new main pursuant to §A.4.3 of Rule 15, as authorized by the California Public Utilities Commission(“CPUC”).
  • The size of the existing mains do not have the hydraulic capacity to provide the requested flow.

Main Line Sizes

The typical minimum size of distribution main pipes shall be 6-inch diameter AWWA Cement Mortar Lined and Coated (“CML/C”) steel pipe. Mains will be sized so that the maximum velocity through the main is no greater than 7.5 feet per second for the maximum design flow and 10 feet per second for the maximum day demand plus required fire flow.

Standard Location of Water Mains

Water mains shall be located seven (7) feet from the face of curb, wherever possible, and the location shall comply with standard separation requirements for potable water mains.

Fire Flow Requirements

The design requirements for fire flow will be determined by the Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACFD), San Bernardino County Fire Department (SBCFD) or the local fire protection authority for the area under development. Any plans submitted must have been reviewed and approved by the LACFD, SBCFD or local fire protection authority. The stamp of approval and signature of the fire protection authority shall constitute the only form of accepted approval of the fire protection system.

Fire Service Backflow Prevention Device

The public water system must be protected against backflow from the private water system using an approved double detector check valve assembly. The minimum size double detector check (“DDC”) backflow prevention device shall be 4 inches in diameter. Service sizes available are 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” in diameter. The DDC shall be sized according to the maximum rated flow per AWWA standards. Where a looped system is required, the DDCs shall be the same size and, where possible, shall be connected to separate mains.

Water Service Materials and Sizes

Service sizes available are 1”, 2”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12”. Domestic and landscape services two inches in diameter or less within Los Angeles County and Fontana Water Company divisions shall be Municipex (plastic). Domestic and landscape services larger than two inches in diameter shall be AWWA CML/C.

Water Meters

All water meters will be furnished by San Gabriel subsequent to payment of all applicable fees and deposits.

Construction meters may be obtained through San Gabriel’s Customer Service Department at (626) 448-6183 for Los Angeles County and (909) 822-2201 for Fontana.

Application Submittal Approval

The following items are required for all projects.

  • Job Description form
  • A deposit for plan preparation. The initial deposit will be applied toward the total required deposit for the necessary water facilities. All deposits must come from the company or individual in whose name the project is set up, or a signed release form will be required. The deposit will be calculated according to the table below:

    $10,000 + Additional Deposit Amount Per Facility

    Facility Type

    Additional Deposit Amount Per Facility

    Domestic Service


    Landscape Service


    Fire Service


    Fire Hydrant


  • Underground fire protection plan with stamp of approval from the fire protection authority showing detailed requirements (minimum fire flow, number and location of public fire hydrants, size and location of fire services). Fire service backflow prevention device shall be sized according to the rated flow rate per AWWA standards.
  • Hydraulic calculations for the private, on-site fire sprinkler system
  • Flash drive or CD containing all improvement plans in PDF and MicroStation/AutoCAD compatible format.
  • Company letter stating the number and size of water service(s) requested (for verification purposes.)
  • Project owner information, legal name, contact person and their email address and mobile number.
  • Operating Agreement or By Laws for company in whose name the project is set up.
  • Record maps for all existing utilities within the project limits including, but not limited to, electrical, gas, sewer, storm drain, telecommunications, etc.
  • Preliminary pipeline alignment study for proposed water facilities.
  • Assessor’s Parcel Number(s)
  • Construction Schedule (San Gabriel will install water facilities after storm drain, sewer and curb and gutter are in place)

The following items are required, as applicable:

  • Water utility plan with number and sizes of service(s) requested
  • Street Improvement plans
  • Grading plans
  • Sewer plans
  • Storm Drain plans
  • Recorded Tract Map
  • Fire Hydrant Location plan
  • Dry Utility plan

Preparation of Water Service Facilities Plans

San Gabriel will prepare construction drawings for the requested water service facilities based on the preliminary alignment study.

  • The CAD files provided by the applicant will be used for base mapping purposes.
  • Record maps for any existing utilities will be used to verify utility locations and determine any necessary offsets.
  • To reduce the number of taps into the main, fire hydrants and services will be consolidated to a single service lateral where feasible.
  • San Gabriel specifies a Wilkins ASTDA 350 backflow prevention device for all fire services. Fire service backflow prevention device shall be sized according to the maximum rated flow rate in accordance with AWWA standards.


An easement will be required for all tract installations. San Gabriel will prepare the easement. The applicant shall furnish the necessary legal descriptions and verification of the legal owner. In a subdivision where a tract map has been recorded, the necessary information will be provided by the recorded map. NO CONSTRUCTION OF TRACTS WILL TAKE PLACE UNTIL THE EASEMENT IS EXECUTED, NOTARIZED AND RECORDED.

Sale of Facilities

San Gabriel will process a Sale of Facilities if the construction of the development requires that an existing main be adversely impacted or removed.

  • Grading operations would reduce the depth of cover below acceptable limits.
  • Construction activities would cause damage to existing water facilities.
  • Proposed improvements would limit or restrict access to operate and maintain existing water facilities.


San Gabriel will send the project out to bid after the construction drawings are complete and the design has been approved. The bidding process requires approximately 3 weeks.

Service Agreement

San Gabriel will determine a project’s required final deposit, including all necessary fees and construction costs, based on the bids received from the contractors. The final deposit will be issued with the Service Agreement letter. The final deposit comprises the following cost components.

  • Material
  • Labor
  • Engineering Design
  • Construction Management and Inspection
  • Overhead
  • Contingency
  • Facilities Fees (Fontana Water Company only)
  • Taxes


San Gabriel will schedule construction once the following conditions are met.

  • Receipt of payment of final deposit (by wire transfer).
  • Service Agreement and related documentation. Easements have been recorded (if applicable).
    • Sale of Facilities has been processed (if applicable).
    • Permit is secured (San Gabriel will secure all necessary permits for the installation of the water service facilities).
    • Fire hydrant location approval (San Gabriel will submit plans for fire department’s approval if applicable).
    • Material is available (San Gabriel orders material once the required deposit has been received).
  • Site conditions: Unless special arrangements are made prior to our starting construction, all streets must be at established sub-grade, curbs installed (without cross-gutters), sewer laterals completed, and storm drains and catch basin laterals completed. In addition, the applicant must keep all easements, right-of-way or streets free from interfering construction or street work during installation of the water facilities. Construction time will vary depending upon the scope of the project.

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