Cross-Connection Control Program FAQs

Cross-Connection Control Prevention

Fontana Water Company works diligently to deliver safe and reliable drinking water to its customers. This effort begins with protecting our water supply sources and continues through the entire conveyance, treatment and distribution process until the water reaches customer water meters. The prevention of backflow into the public water supply system is an integral part of ensuring safe drinking water.

Why We Administer a Cross-Connection Control Program

In accordance with the requirements of the California Administrative Code, Title 17, Chapter V, Sections 7583-7605, Fontana Water Company requires backflow protection on any water service where cross-connections may occur with the potential for contamination of the public water supply.
Title 17 Code of Regulations

What is Backflow?

Backflow is the undesirable reversal of flow of water or mixtures of water and other liquids, gases or other substances that may enter the potable water supply distribution system from any source or sources.

Types of backflow prevention devices

  • Reduced pressure principle backflow prevention assembly
  • Double check valve backflow prevention assembly
  • Pressure vacuum breaker backsiphonage prevention assembly
  • Spill-resistant pressure vacuum breaker backsiphonage prevention assembly
  • Air gap

Water Connections Requiring Backflow Prevention Devices

  • Residential connections with an auxiliary water supply of non-potable water such as wells, ponds, springs, untreated irrigation water, and other waterways
  • All commercial connections
  • All landscape connections
  • Fire service connections
  • Any other conditions as determined by Fontana Water Company

Backflow Prevention Devices Installed on Fire Hydrant Meters

Requirements for backflow prevention device installation on discharge side of hydrant meter:

General Information for Metered Water from Fire Hydrants

*Please have backflow devices connected to fire hydrant construction meters tested by a certified tester from the San Bernardino County list and submitted to the cross connection department immediately upon installation.

How to Remain in Compliance

After the initial backflow prevention device testing is completed by Fontana Water Company, every year after the customer must:

  • Maintain the privately-owned backflow prevention device
  • Submit an annual Backflow Test and Maintenance Report to Fontana Water Company’s Cross Connection Department.
  • Backflow Prevention Devices can only be tested by a certified backflow tester found on the San Bernardino County website. An updated list of certified backflow testers can be found by visiting:

For more information regarding the Cross-Connection Control Program please call: 909-822-2201 ext.7317 or email your questions to

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