Rebate and Conservation Programs


If you are thinking about replacing some of your water using devices, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California offers rebates on certain items. Check the list of eligible devices on the program’s website at before you buy to determine if the device qualifies. This program is for both homeowners and businesses.

Free Residential Sprinkler Repair Program

This free program provides customers with an evaluation and minor repairs of their existing irrigation system. The program includes replacing and adjusting sprinkler nozzles, repairing valves and bad wiring, reprogramming weather-based irrigation controllers, flushing drip irrigation, and replacing couplers and emitters. For more information, and to sign up, please contact Conserv Inc at 951-813-2110

Create Your Garden Program

Replace your thirsty lawn with a drought-tolerant garden! This is an assisted do-it-yourself program. Qualified residential customers are eligible to receive, at no cost, custom plans from a professional landscaper, supplies to help remove your current turf, and free plants and mulch to create your water-friendly landscape. You’ll also receive training on proper installation and garden maintenance so you can keep your new garden healthy. Call today to find out more!

High Efficiency Toilet Distribution (“HET”) Program

Replace old higher volume water using toilets with new HETs. The new HET will be shipped directly to your home. A maximum of two HETs is allowed per household. Please call 1-866-308-8391 to sign up or for more information.

Commercial Industrial & Institutional Retrofit

Fontana Water Company can retrofit indoor and outdoor water using devices such as toilets, smart irrigation controller, and nozzles. This program also offers turf replacement. Fontana Water Company will replace Commercial, Industrial & Institutional customers’ existing irrigation system with low-flow drip irrigation components and transform their turf area into a water conservation demonstration garden. The gardens can be used to educate and serve as an exhibit offering alternatives to high water-use lawns.

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